NPO „Kaimo grandine“ is a little non-profit organization which takes care of homeless pets in Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

We have no shelter. Our activity is a little bit different. Our volunteers are looking for dogs owned by alcohol-addicted or similar people who do not care about their pets. Usually we find starving dogs chained to their rotten doghouses. Their bowls are usually empty – no water, no food.

None of these dogs are vaccinated or spayed / neutered, so females have their puppies twice a year. Some of them are instantly killed by owners, others – given to other drunk friends. And the same story starts again. Until we find them.

Lithuanian laws and institutions don’t help too much. Such dog owners may be fined by police. But it makes no sense and the paperwork takes more than a month. It is almost impossible to legally confiscate such dogs.

What we do? At first we talk to owners. Although they are alcoholics and don’t care about their starving pets, they usually don’t mind us to help. Since now these dogs are visited by us at least twice a week to make sure they have water and food. If it is mommy with puppies – they are visited almost every day until they grow up and we find them good owners. When the last puppy is gone – mommy visits a doctor to be spayed. If agreed with her current owners we try to find her new home as well. In other case we keep visiting her and her owners to make sure they will have no more pets in the future.

According to our 2016 report, last year we took care of 43 dogs and 77 cats. Including 33 dogs and 31 cat which were adopted by new owners. Adults were neutered. Most of pets were vaccinated. All of them were microchipped according to Lithuanian law.

All the procedures are pretty expensive even with discounts. During 2016 we spent over 8000 € for vet services and over 2000 € for food. Our bookkeeping is public and available online for everyone. Every donator can check how their donations were used.

Unfortunately, this is the only page in english but you can use autotranslated version of our website.

You are very welcome to contact us directly by email: gyvunai@kaimograndine.lt